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Features of SLIMLINE’s Special Steel
and Simple Design!


▶No over heating

Low-temperature shrinking. Prevent accuracy loss due to over-heating.

▶Strong clamping force

Special steel with higher shrinkage grips the entire cutter shank evenly!
Grips firmly all the way to the tip of holder.

▶High rigidity

Slim nose allows access to hard-to-reach areas!
Minimizes cutter projection, improving rigidity and
avoid chattering (Slim type)
Thick body reduces vibration
Heavy-duty cutting goes smoothly without
chattering.(Regular type, HYPER VERSION, Z)

▶Superior accuracy!
  High-quality machining surface and Extended tool life!
Lightweight / Well-balanced!
  Ideal for high-speed spindle rotation!
▶No parts necessary
 and no leakage!

  Securely evacuate chips and cool down cutters!
▶Voluminous variety!

Over 4,000 variations!
You can choose the ideal holder for your machining.




Taper shank parts, which attach to the MC, are made of carbon steel. The cutter clamping portion is made of special steel with higher-than-normal coefficient of thermal expansion.
A hybrid holder made of different materials with functions that meet user needs.
Uses special steel for the shrink-fit holder
The MST’s unique, “special steel for exclusive use in shrink fitting”has been adopted in the materials of SLIMLINE shrink-fit holders. It has a high coefficient of thermal expansion.
“Low-temperature shrink fitting” is available at 300゚C.SLIMLINE holders provide “high clamping force”, “long life” and “chucking of small-diameter cutting tools”.

No breaking -Shrink-fit at lower temperature than it’s tempered temperature, not damaging materials.-

 A MST’s special steel for exclusive use in shrink fit holders has a very large coefficient of thermal expansion (1.6 times greater than that of other companies), and it has superior heat resistance.
 It is an expansive material and achieves low-temperature shrink fitting at 300℃ (430℃ maximum).
There is no need to worry about the deformation of the holder materials due to overheating. The stable performance of MST’s special steel can be demonstrated indefinitely in small-diameter holes, in which higher heating temperatures are needed.


Simple structure with few parts

Super slim design -Extra slimness expands the machining area-

A simple structure achieves a super-slim design with a holder tip wall thickness of 1.5 mm.
There is no interference with workpieces or jig fixtures. The holder can approach very close to a workpiece. Cutting tool overhang can be set to the shortest length.
If a holder is elongated and tool overhang is shortened, this makes it possible to perform strong, stable machining by minimizing the amount of a tool deflection.
shank dia.
Φ3 Φ4 Φ6 Φ10
Holder dia.
(SLIM type)
Φ6 Φ7 Φ9 Φ13

No interference
 -Ensures chattering-free machining by minimizing cutter projection.-


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