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1937 Founded MIZOGUCHI IRON WORKS in Nogata, Fukuoka. Started manufacturing and selling industrial machines and machine-tools.
1946 Start manufacturing and selling Tool-holders.
1951 New factory in Taihei, Nogata was completed and the company moved.
1962 New factory completed in Ikoma, Nara.
1965 Head office moved to Nara.
1966 Incorporated.
1967 Start producing tool holders for N/C.
Agreement on technical cooperation with Ericsson(USA) for “Collet holder” and “Master base”.
1968 The second factory was completed.
1969 Agreement on technical cooperation with Ericsson(USA) for “Gear chuck”.
1971 Opened Tokyo office
1973 Agreement on technical cooperation with Boyer(Swiss) for “IMEA SYTEM”.
1983 Appointed new president, Haruki Mizoguchi
1985 The third factory was completed. Opened Nagoya office.
1990 Opened Sendai and Nagano offices.
1991 Changed company name to MST Corporation. Opened Fukuoka office.
1992 The new third factory was completed.
2004 Opened warehouse (J-COMPO USA) in Chicago, U.S.A.
2005 New headquarters building No. 1 and factory No. 1 completed.
2006 Opened warehouse (J-COMPO EU) in Nuremberg, Germany.
2007 Opened warehouse (J-COMPO HONGKONG) in Hong Kong, China.
2013 New factories completed. (No. 5, No. 6, and No. 7)
2015 Opened factory in Thailand.
2016 Opened warehouse (J-COMPO THAILAND) in Thailand.
2018 New factory completed. (No. 2)