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Reduced cutting vibration leads to
longer insert life.
Ideal for unattended operation

Large-diameter carbide alloy

The large-diameter carbide core is integrated into the thick body by shrink-fitting.
Achieves less deflection and higher efficiency during long-gauge machining.
Vibration-free machining leads to longer insert life and achieves stable machining
during long, continuous operation.

Double the machining efficiency!

Double the machining efficiency(compared to conventional holders)

Series expanded to include many different lengths

Effective length of our line up is from 60mm to 360mm.
By being able to choose from a variety of FMH rigid-type arbors depending on
the cavity depth of large-size work-pieces, machinability is doubled
thanks to greater material removal and higher feed rate.

Can be used with these manufacturers’ cutters(FMH standard)

Mitsubishi MaterialsKyoceraOSG


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Comparison test with FMH RIGID type



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